Terms of Use Policy

I’m so thrilled to have my own personal blog. 515j.net is mine and that goes for everything that’s on it as well. Thanks to my friends that encouraged me, I now have my own space online.

Everything I have here on my personal blog is for you to enjoy. However, you do have to agree to my terms of usage.

Crystal Clear

I’m really just a hopeless romantic. At times, I may sound like some kind of expert on dating. But that’s just because of my various adventures in dating. I have gone on a lot of dates to know enough about dating. So while you can really make use of my dating tricks and tips, I want to make it crystal clear that I am NO dating guru.

Age Requirement

As much as I want to welcome everybody here on my personal blog, I can’t. Dating is a topic that’s entails an age requirement. That age requirement is 18 years and above. If you haven’t reached that age, then you should not be here.

Due Credit

If you want to use any of the articles and photos here on my personal blog let me know. It’s but right that you do so. After all, I am the rightful owner of the articles and photos here on 515j.net.

Meet Me Here In The Junction

You are welcome to meet me here in the junction. I would love to hear your thoughts, reactions, and experiences on dating. But a huge part of my terms of usage here on 515j.net is the use of proper language. I will not allow any use of vulgar and\or foul language. Articles and messages that can hurt or damage anybody’s credibility are not welcome here.

If, at any point, you’re not in agreement with what I have to say, you can always leave my site. You have a choice. You are not compelled to stay here.

So remember this. Once you meet me in the junction, you are in agreement with all the terms of usage of my personal blog, 515j.net. Thank you very much.

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