Privacy Policy

You will find my policy on privacy here on very straightforward. I never give out any kind of private information to other people and vendors. Whatever bit of private information you have to share with me here is strictly confidential. You can count on me on that.

No Junk Emails

I know how irritating it is get junk emails. That’s why I don’t send out emails. So even if you have to share your email address with me, I will never use that to send you junk emails. I will only email you if you have any questions for me. Other than that, everything will be posted on

I will always keep you updated. All updates will be posted on That way I won’t have to send you emails. Hence, your name and email address remain confidential.

Have A Great Time At The Junction

I want you to have a great time here at the junction. Enjoy what I have to share with you. Do not worry about revealing anything about yourself. There’s no need for you to do that here at the junction.

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